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Rural Finland Tourism Hub: Rural Tourism Competence Network

The main objective of the project is to increase and consolidate networking among tourism operators, intelligently produce and distribute information widely, and promote the creation of new tourism development measures and entities through collaboration. The operating principle of the project is based on networked co-development of expertise. Therefore, the project brings together a national network of rural tourism development actors to produce user-oriented new information, share best practices, and disseminate expertise intelligently. Network experts are trained to utilize the knowledge generated and shared within the network to ensure the project's impact also at the company level.


1.5.2024 – 30.6.2026


339 776 €

Funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

339 776 €

The development of rural tourism occurs in multiple areas through various projects, while thematically similar projects are simultaneously carried out in different regions. The number of development actors is large, and there is a lack of awareness of what is being done or has already been done in other areas. In the development work, provincial borders are often too clear, and the focus is only on one's own area. Development resources are often limited, so collaboration and learning from others would enhance activities and increase the effectiveness of results. Efficient coordination of rural tourism development activities avoids overlapping measures, strengthens the competitiveness of the sector, and ensures the production of comparable information. Developing data-driven decision-making supports industry foresight and operational readiness. By developing coordination and expertise in data-driven decision-making, the utilization of national and regional tourism strategies in industry development work is also ensured.

Contact information:

Saila Valkeaniemi
Research manager

Project objectives

  • Increase and consolidate networking among tourism operators nationally
  • Intelligently produce and distribute information through co-development
  • Promote the creation of new tourism development measures and entities through collaboration

Practical Actions

  • Formation of a competence network and creation of operating models through co-development
  • Utilization of digital channels in network operations
  • Coordination of the Visit Finland STF-Train the Trainer network
  • Rural tourism development through data-driven decision-making
  • Communication and networking: engagement, dissemination of information and expertise


Suvi Ahonen, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences,, 050 4328 725
Rositsa Röntynen, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences,, 050 436 1196
Christell Åström, Maa- ja kotitalousnaisten Keskus ry, christell.astrom@maajakotitalousnaiset.fi041 730 9115
Eeva Rantala, Maa- ja kotitalousnaisten Keskus ry, eeva.rantala@maajakotitalousnaiset.fi041 730 5690

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