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Taikayöntie (“the road of the magical night”) is one of Finland’s official tourism routes. The main Taikayöntie route follows the regional road 230 from Urjala via Punkalaidun to Huittinen. It has been almost impossible to find up-to-date information about the route online. Taikayöntien Lumo project develops the awareness and attractiveness of Taikayöntie route, especially through communication.

Taikayöntie illustrated map. Illustrator: Eve Sillanpää / Eve the Creator
Taikayöntie illustrated map. Illustrator: Eve Sillanpää / Eve the Creator

Taikayöntie received official status as a tourism route in the year 2000. However, since the establishment of the tourism route, active cooperation as well as development and marketing of the route has disappeared. This challenge has been addressed by Taikayöntien Lumo project. The project aims to improve the awareness, attractiveness and accessibility of the area. The project has created a network of operators, produced a range of tourism development activities, organised community-based events and focused on communication.

New, fresh visual identity for Taikayöntie

Taikayöntie had no official marketing material apart from the logo. The project set out to give the route a new and fresh visual identity through an illustrated map. The purple colour of the map, created by Eve Sillanpää, reflects the magic of the area. Route’s name Taikayöntie means “the road of the magical night” in Finnish. The purple colour scheme also makes the route stand out from other tourism routes. Graphic elements have been used on the map to present the area's tourist attractions and sights including cultural and natural sites as well as local food. Graphic elements have been used to highlight not only motorists but also motorcyclists and cyclists. They all are the target group for the route.

An exciting detail on the map is the shape of the area formed by the Taikayöntie municipalities. It looks like a horse's head or a seahorse. Seahorses are, after all, magical animals and coincidentally, the Taikayöntie region is home to several stables. The official logo of the route also features a fairytale horse.

The illustrated map has been used on website, brochure, trade fair banner, roll-up, pop-up table, media publications, social media channels and postcard.

Dedicated website for Taikayöntie

One of the biggest efforts of the project has been the construction of the website for the route. The website is also available in English, enabling destination marketing to international travelers.

Tourism services and sights have been imported from the Visit Finland DataHub which is important development in Finnish tourism business. DataHub integration facilitates the updating of the website. In addition to sights and experiences, the website presents sections for eat and drink, accommodation, shopping, events, meeting and event facilities as well as for families, following the DataHub categories. Individual articles also highlight places to visit in the region.

Other communication activities

During the project, Taikayöntie has been presented with a new visual identity and a stand at various fairs and public events, reaching thousands of potential travelers. In addition, the project manager has written tourism articles promoting the route for various media publications, including national media, target group-specific media and local publications.

Taikayöntie has Facebook and Instagram channels, which have increased their followers during the project. The community spirit has been increased through various events and activities throughout the region. For example, “Taikayöntien Loppiaistulet” the event ending of the Christmas season in Taikayöntie, the roadside of the route was lit with hundreds of candles and the event generated a lot of social media coverage.

The route has gained visibility through a variety of communication tools. A distinctive visual identity, website and other marketing materials will also allow for easy tourism marketing and communication in the future.

Did you know?

  • Taikayöntie is named after a song by Martti Innanen called “Urjalan Taikayö” (the magic night of Urjala), which was published in 1967 and describes the romantic agricultural landscape of the Urjala and Huittinen region.
  • The Finnish travel TV show Madventures listed Taikayöntie among the most beautiful scenic roads in Finland.
  • What makes Taikayöntie route so special, in addition to its beautiful countryside landscapes, are its enchanting natural phenomena. The fog lingering over the river and fields, the startlingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets will enchant you with their magical feeling. Taikayöntie is filled with magic!

More information:

Taikayöntien Lumo is a project managed by the Center for Tourism Business Development operating at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The project was awarded EU rural funding by Leader Joutsenten reitti and Leader Pirkan Helmi. The key partners in the project are the city of Huittinen and the municipalities of Punkalaitumen and Urjala.


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