We develop: Business intelligence has an anchorage in the sea of tourism

15.11.2021Jani NevarantaWe develop

Tourism as a sector is an excellent pair to business intelligence. Both customers and tourism related businesses generate huge amounts of beneficial data. This mine of valuable information, however, is left largely unutilized by many businesses and enterprises.

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A business utilizing business intelligence practices has a major advantage when compared to other businesses. Decisions made by the intelligently led business are based on the available data and thus its able come up with solutions hidden by the naked eye. On a competitive sector, such as tourism, the advantages business intelligent practices bring to a business are very important. With them, even the smallest SMEs can gain a significant lead when developing their business practices. This is one of the reasons why implementing business intelligence practices amongst the tourism sector in Satakunta region is a key in Center for Tourism Business Development’s strategy.

One of the first steps Center for Tourism Business Development is going to take is to share the knowledge and develop traction about business intelligence. To achieve this goal, it is essential that the subject is approached in a down-to-earth manner. All material created and every event held by Center for Tourism Business Development that is related to business intelligence will be formulated to be as practical as possible.

It is also important to research tourism sector’s current state of technical prowess amidst the regions SMEs as business intelligence goes hand-in-hand with technology. Webinars and seminars, guides and pilots about different data sources, business intelligence toolkits and correct interpretation of results are crucial so that SMEs have everything they need to start practicing business intelligence in their businesses.

Business intelligence is a part of a major shift happening in tourism sector. The pandemic has accelerated this change but inevitably it just a matter of time until business intelligence is a part of every company’s life. In the meantime, Center for Tourism Business Development will have its anchorage for business intelligence prepared and ready.


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